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  1. Are we ever gonna get out and call some critters? It's summertime - remember? Our specialty! :cool:
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    Man every time I think of it keeps getting later and later in the Year. If it isn't one thing , it's another. Now here is the kicker when I think about it..... IT'S ONLY A FEW HOURS....
    When would be good for you?
    I tried the hard Date thing and it still doesn't work:roflpmp:

    Man I got hit the lottery. LOL.
    Let me know what works for ya!
    July 7th and 8th is a no go for me.

  3. Wait a minute.... I didn't say nuthin about a date!
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    :roflpmp: What a wise guy.. LOL Okay I am Ready any time. Have this weekend off from work and I know what's NOT going to happen. :nyah:

    PM sent.
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  5. if you guys decide to go out any time soon let me know. i could go for a few morning hunts.
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    Hello !!!!

    You hear that, MARSHALL !!! Clint is willing to come and show us how it's done. This is it another GREAT opportunity. Lets not let this one get away.

    For all who cares we didn't make it out this pass weekend.
    . Don't worry I won't play the Chili Peppers ... ( too loud :p )
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    Desert Rat ????:bump:
  8. This weekend is out. I have to work Saturday, and have previous plans for Sunday. Maybe the following weekend?
  9. you guys want to try and do some thing the following weekend? let me know and how far are you willing to go? i could also go for a quick hunt this Sunday if you are interested Paul. well let me know either way i am thinking of heading out.
    take care,
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    Oh Yeah!

    PM sent. :D:D:D:D:D