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  1. Hey all I am going to California March 1-4 to try some archery wild hog hunting. This will be a first for me and was just wondering if anyone out there has done it before? If so any tips? Do they act like Javelina? I would be appreciative of any info or help you can give me, thanks

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    Ron, I've never hunted California for hogs, so I'm not much help. I've heard about some high fence hunts and some mountainous public land hunts. Where is it you'll be hunting? Public, private?

  3. I would imagine that theyare alot like javalina only larger. not the best vision in the world but noses to beat all. And with lots of them not to hard to sneak up on if your down wind as they make enough noise you wont have to worry about it. Other then that go get them, take plenty of pics, Post them here when you get back, and have a good story to go along with them. And most importantly have a blast. LOL.

    Good luck.

  4. Adult hogs have a shield that encircles the rib cage for added protection. This will slow yer arrow for penetration, but you should be okay unless you shoot less than 45-50 lbs. Be careful using expandables on them, and if you do, know yer equipment's abilities and limitations.
    I know of a good ranch near San Antone that is low fence, reasonable, and lots of hogs, if anyone is planning a hunt.
    Good luck and have fun!!
  5. Thank you all for the tips and info. This is a private ranch, 4500 acres I think low fence fair chase. I am going with a group of guys from California and they all seem to give the ranch a thumbs up. Bowhuntinmaniac I have heard of the shield you speak of, I am shooting 465 gr arrow at about 260 fps, magnus stinger for a broadhead so I am thinking that will be good medicine for 100-200 lb oinkers. I will try and get some good pics and if Im lucky maybe next get together I can provide the pork roast. Thanks again.

  6. Here is another hunt if anyone is interested. The outfitter is Dan Adler out of Tucson. I met him thru Hunter Ed and he has started Az Diamond Outfitters. In addition to the Texas hunt he takes people to Cal also. haven't made any of his hunts but will one day.

    Bow Hunters Needed
    For the following hunt:
    March 1-3, 3-5 or 5-7 2007

    Texas Wild Hogs (2 hogs/person)
    Price: Only $150.00 with comfortable lodging included! No trophy fees!

    You may upgrade to exotic rams and deer for an reasonable fee if you like!

    Carpool and Caravans available from Tucson!

    For reservations and information contact:
    Dan Adler: 520-529-1469 or www.azdiamondoutfitters.com