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  1. As many of you know, I picked up a ~5 year old spayed german shorthaired pointer a while back from a guy terminally ill with cancer.
    She's a decent hunter and excellent companion, in or out of the house.
    I'm forced to find her a new home because she is NOT good around my other dogs. She's torn up my other female GSP a few times and got her pretty good again today.
    She's too good of a dog to put down, so I'm trying to find a home for her with someone who will hunt her and treat her right.
    She's an awesome dog (other than the fighting) - extremely loyal, obedient, and housebroken. She needs a home without any other dogs. She's fine around cats, kids, and livestock, and hasn't bothered my other mixed breed dog.
    I'd like to spend a little time with whoever may be interested to make sure I feel comfortable and to teach how to command her in the field vocally and with hand signals.
    Here's a picture of her soon after I got her. She's lost weight since as she was too fat.

  2. quick bump.
    Come on folks - someone out there must need a great dog (aside from her lack of doggie social skills :grin:! She really is well trained and is an excellent birddog/companion.

  3. Chief

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    I'd take her in a minute if I didn't have a 105 pound Dobbie. Are you still headed out of country soon?
  4. Hey there Chief. I know you'd love this dog, but I can certainly understand your position.
    Going out of country is day to day, but I don't think it'll happen for a few months (probably elk season...they'll be out of luck though).
    I have been asked to go back to Hawaii this month for a different project but I'm trying to get out of that as well. I don't care if I see that place again for a while.
    How are things down south? Heard from Cochise lately. Hey Cochise - want a dog? :lol:
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    Bump For The Dog.

    :bump: For COCO.

    Ron, Where can I get a job like yours... Hey I am a project kind of guy and if it's Hawaii I'll go for ya. :)
  6. Chief

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    Haven't heard from him in some time. I know he must be around because the wind has been blowing pretty hard down here.
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    Bump For Coco


    Come on, You got love this dog.
  8. Coco has been sold!

    Coco has been sold to a hunting family (with no other dogs) in Chino Valley.
    I'm already starting to regret giving her up although it's for her own (and my vet bill) good. She was a fantastic dog.
    Happy hunting Coco!
  9. TallPaul

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    Great news Dutchman, I am glad it is working out.