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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by AZ~ThunderDan, Feb 15, 2007.

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    I posted this on another forum and was astonished it received such little response. This subject really concerns me, but only because "just about everything I own", is in my house and/or garage.

    Some of you may have seen this. This is intended for those who have not.

    Very disturbing for me to know that ANYONE can get past your door locks, (including dead-bolts) with little-to-no effort.

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  2. Don't think much about being secure being an adventurous type. I ride a motorcycle on the freeways. Been known to live in a tent for months at a time in wilderness areas too. I pulled my camp the day after Thanksgiving last year. I laid there listening to the elk talk and splash in the pond and was sad that I would be leaving until next year. Don't worry be happy. Matthew 6;25. God bless.

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    m gardner - :welcome:

    I have a 100 pound Dobbie, he works 24 hours a day, everyday. Like you, just about everything we own is in the house and/or garage, if someone can get by the Dobbie without us waking up, or just get by the Dobbie who is very protective of what he considers "his" they are welcome to it. We have a good home owners insurance policy.[​IMG]

    That's him with our two year old grandson, can't even raise your voice to him when the dog is around.
  4. Thank you Dan for showing us this. My dad had an incident just the other night. Where someone hit the breaker box and shut off all the lights and went around the back and tried to break in. My mom was in new York on business. My dad was home and awake. Thank goodness. My dad has security lock doors so they couldn't get in through the back cause he had them locked. They noticed someone was home and they split. It was a real scary situation for him. He's not a gun owner, but he really wants to get a self defense weapon to protect him and my mom. My mom is really against the idea though. I am working on her and hopefully I can help him talk her into purchasing a self defense weapon. Thanks again for being this to are attention.
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    Glad to help Scott.

    As for your Mom and Dad and a self defense gun. Show them the new Castle Doctrine law recently adopted in the State of Arizona.

    Gov. Napolitano did the right thing by signing this into law. I know nobody wants to shoot or kill anyone, but a perpetrator may not think twice about shooting or killing your parents. Your Dad was very lucky, too bad your Mom wasn't there to experience the event. She'd probably be eager to own a gun now, had she been there then.

    Click the link below to print or show your folks.

    Arizona Castle Doctrine
  6. If yer dad decides to buy a gun, please buy him some training lessons, otherwise the gun can be turned on him. There are alot of people that have guns and dont know enough about using them.
  7. The first and easiest thing to do is buy them some bear spray. The canister type that sprays 30 feet. UDAP is the brand that I have. Cost around $35 @ Sportsmen Warehouse.