How Do You Put In ?

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How Do You Put in for the Draw?

  1. I use the Online way, it's easy and can I check though my credit card if drawn.

  2. I use paper only, I don't trust Online anything.

  3. I often forget about putting in for hunting and miss the dead line.

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  1. TallPaul

    TallPaul Guest

    Just wondering how you put in for the Draw. I use Online to apply.
    Some won't do the Online way.

  2. On Line.....get to ahve a clue sooner if you were drawn when they hit the CC's

  3. they can use paper apps when they come out this week and go to the G&F office and drop them off or mail them into the G&F we like the deadline day our G&F office puts on a BBQ and we go out to help with the people and there apps. hope this helps you out
  4. they can use CC on the paper apps also if i am right. lol thats ok we know when the draw is ready before you all do :p :p anyway ttee hhee
  5. I keep trying to figure out how i am going to have that Trophy Bonus Point size or semi sneak to the left
  6. AZ~ThunderDan

    AZ~ThunderDan Site Administrator Staff Member Super Mod Mod Premium Member

    I'm with you knine, I don't have a trophy room big enough for all my trophy bonus point mounts.
  7. Im an online guy. Seems these days you know a couple days earlier with the way the credit cards are hit.
  8. TallPaul

    TallPaul Guest

    So does it make a differents Online or Paper?
  9. It used to be you couldn't put in with a credit card and snail mail had to send check or money order