How Is It, Since Contest Ban?

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  1. Well, it has been a while since the ban on predator hunting contests in AZ, are you seeing more predators? Are you seeing less hunters in the field? Any opinions as to the effect of the ban? Inquiring minds need to know.

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    I've not noticed any difference.

  3. I have not noticed any difference. Coyotes, Bobcats, and Fox tend to regulate themselves to the pressure to stabilize their numbers. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Call G&F and ask if they have done any studies or counts since the ban. My guess some group or government agency has.

    As an after thought. I'm not sure it has been long enough to tell.
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  5. Anyone who believes predator hunting contests have ever made a significant dent in the populations is either dumb as a box of rocks, works for the NRDC or both.
  6. Well the reason I ask is that the last time I hunted in my favorite area, there had been three contests in the four weeks prior to my trip. We hunted at night and called in a number of Fox, Javalina, Burros and a Bobcat BUT not one Coyote. That was my first trip out there where we did not even see a Coyote. I figured that it was because of the heavy pressure from the contestants. I will be out there again after the first of the year and I will report back on our success or ???
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  7. I was referring to long term impact, if dozens of people are hammering the same spot in a single month, of course there's going to be an immediate, short term impact. Coyote populations are increasing and expanding exponentially. Even NYC has a healthy population eating the rats in the city.