How many can ya count? ZOOM IN

Discussion in 'Outdoor Photography' started by Buster, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. An old friend from Yuma sent me this today :eek:

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  2. Too many lol
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  3. I thought I was done dove hunting for the year but I'm going out one more time Sunday morning. With the cooler mornings and still lots of dove around I just can't pass it up.
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  4. I stopped at 45, a bit more then halfway.
  5. This is the kinda talk I like to hear! The knifes are in the mail :D
  6. Awesome. Thanks!
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  7. I see that every day! there are a million at the grain silos off 24th street. you have to drive that 1/2 mile stretch with your windows up due to the chance of on flying inside of your vehicle!
  8. There are more than that in my back yard
    They line the wing to wing on the powerlines 2 deep 3 lines high
    Along my fences all four side and the power line in front.

    Wish I had a belt fed full auto 20 ga
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