How many of you carry a knife and what kind?

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  1. I have carried a swiss army knife (red tinker) for as long as I can remember. It got well used and beat up then I lost it. I started using a cheap clip knife. I broke the blade off. I use my knife for prying, cutting, hammering, whatever. Now I am back to a swiss army knife (black tinker). I always carry it and sometimes I also carry a clip knife.

    For hunting I carry a Buck folder on my belt and a Wyoming knife and a Leatherman in my pack.
    For fishing I carry a S&W 44 mag. leatherman type tool.
    In my truck I carry a old Herters Skinner.

    I wouldn't feel right with out a knife.
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    When I was a young man, I used to always carry a pocket knife. Always managed to lose them so I quit carrying them.

    I currently have a Puma and a Buck folding knife (in sheaths) for any/all of my hunting requirements.

  3. Sears anniversary edition 2 blade folding, Smith and Wesson first production run of the 3" lock back. I have several hand made knives that I have carried over the years. Mostly made by ancestors, they have all been retired now and get a good oiling and a touch up on the blades every couple of years. I hope to pass them down. I cleaned and skinned my first animals with them, and the tradition needs to be passed along.

    The S&W cleaned my #2 daughters first pig, but it was skinned by one of the ones off the shelf. LOL.. Mostly by her. I loved every second of it. She dosent know it yet but that one will be hers one day.
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    Kinda partial to bucks. But I was given this Puma by a former President of the USA.[​IMG]
  5. I've probably added a few since I took this but ya get the idea. Pretty much the only ones you can count on me having on me about any time is my Leatherman Wave and that little red one in the lower left. That was my grandpa's and I figure it at pretty close to about a hundred years old.

    For deer hunting I may start carrying that one from the NWTF banquets in the upper right, next to the Sharp Finger. My brother gave me that one a couple years ago.
  6. "For fishing I carry a S&W 44 mag." is it hard to hit the fish???

    I have had all sorts of knives, and found the big blades get in the way. I like the gut hook design and use them alot, saves alot of time and effort. So, for gutting I use a wyoming knife and I use a small buck for skinning.
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    Everytime I see one of them Wyoming knives I'm tempted to buy one, then I think to myself, "Are ya smart enough to use it?"

    Once upon a time I had every knife that Shrade made in their schrimsaw design, now I only have two left. Kinda like my guns, everytime one of the kids or grandkids visit it seems I'm one less of something.
  8. I have a whole bunch of knives - my hunting knives are stored in a shoe box and my inlaid ones are in my safe - actually so is my shoe box now that I think about it. I am pushing around 45 knives but carry a small bladed Puma 4 star with inlaid handle in my pocket and a small knife/saw folding combo for deer, pigs & small game. For elk I carry an old Knapp saw my Dad bought in the 60's with a nice inlaid flixed blade in the sheath. I made friends with several folks that inlay handles so I got a boatload of them over the years at cost and have handed out many to family & friends.

    My motto lately has been "Life is too short to shoot ugly guns & drink cheap booze", I may want to add "or use crappy knives" on to it..... :D