How much stuff do you carry with you?

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  1. Today I had to wait on a remote site for an insurance inspector. He gave a 4 hour "window" that he would show up. I brought some reading material to fill the time. One magazine article was about what a beginner would need to get started.
    I remember in my teens going hunting with little more than some spare ammo and a gun. Now I tend to bring way more than I need, [ at least in the truck.]

    For a rifle hunt Ill bring
    Rifle and ammo
    Map, compass, and GPS
    shooting stix
    a seat
    coyote calls
    a range finder
    and a decoy
    camo clothes

    For a shotgun hunt I also bring
    a large waterproof pillow to keep my head raised while laying down. It makes it easy to see what is coming in while laying still.

    I'm just wondering what you all bring ? DR
  2. Alot of stuff, I clean out my backpack every year, Put what I need back in, Still weighs a ton. Seems like today a hunter needs to be prepared for anything.

  3. Well I would have to go through my pack item by item to get an accurate count but I can tell you my loaded weight is between 34-45 pounds depending on if I am the hunter or support personnel.. Some of the items I can tell you for certain that are in my pack are as follows..
    4- 50 gallon trash bags
    Duct tape
    Chem lights
    100' para cord
    Bone saw
    Pruning shears
    First aid kit
    Cut resistant butcher glove
    Nitril gloves
    Emergency sleeping bag
    Rain poncho
    Poncho liner
    Multi tool
    123 batteries
    Small cloth pouch with all tags both over the counter and draw tags
    Ball point pen
    Felt marker
    Index cards
    Survey tape
    Perana knife
    Replacement blades small and large
    Large empty medicine bottle for used blades
    Flash light
    Wet wipes
    Hand sanitizer
    Magnesium Block
    Extra lip balm
    Cotton balls
    3l water
    Mountain house meal
    Jet boil

    If I am support, there is a Manfratto tri-pod and a Swarovski 20-60X spotting scope also on/in the pack.

    Hmmm, that is about all I can think of off the top of my head.
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  4. So I'm not alone! I have most of that but keep it in the truck. DR
  5. Wow, that a detailed list,
    How about some trail mix or some sweet bars for extra moral and energy.
    Water filter, Lighter, USB backup battery and matches.


  6. Good grief! :confused:
  7. Thats a given anywhere these days.
  8. I always bring a lot of food, my brain knows that glassing is the best way to find critters but I get itchy feet to go walking around so food often keeps me behind glass longer.
  9. Me too, munchies and snacks,