How to get censored on social media

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  1. I'm not very controversial, But even I have spent a few nights in FB jail! My crime? Posting a pic of a gun! Welcome to the Cell Block, DR
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  2. I have suspicion that hunting related platforms are being watched a little more closely right now. I also agree posting guns even in pictures with game gets you a little higher on the list.

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    We pick a member, at random, to ban for a few hours just to keep up the excitement level.
  4. Me either---typically, leave my opinions to myself ;-)
    LOL...JK, can never do that
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  5. deleted both facebook and instagram. Gotta find a no b.s. image hosting site, since im using google photos. Lookin at different video hosting sites also.
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  6. Amazon s3 azure blob
  7. When you find a good image hosting sight, Pass that down. Since Photo Bucket turned on us I have not found one that I can make sense of. DR
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    I use Flickr, it is free up to 500 photos I think.
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    One of the hallmarks that makes the United States the envy of the world is our 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights. Protected free speech, even when it may be viewed as offensive, is still one of our greatest gifts ever bestowed upon free men. When you can silence one President, you can silence them all. Infringing free speech is a dangerous and slippery slope and one that has been implemented in every socialist/communist uprising in World History. To paraphrase something my Mom always said; Be careful of what you wish for and more cautious of what you end up with.
  10. I'm far from one that believes in big government, but sounds like these platforms needs to be regulated like broadcast. They could of handled Trump in many different ways, instead they chose to black him out while there are millions of people that make death threats and cyberstalk and harass. There is no secret they have an agenda and are comfortable with their revenue stream.