How To Post a Photo Here?

Discussion in 'Welcome & Orientation' started by dave, May 8, 2007.

  1. dave

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    How do you post a photo in a thread here?
  2. like this [​IMG] ???

    you need to have a photobucket go here and get an account download your pixs into then when your ready check the box on the photo you want then click the bottom box it will copy the pix for you then come here and use the Ctrl + V keys at the same time and it will paste the photo here in the box

  3. dave

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    Well I have a photo bucket account and post pictures on AZOD all the time.
    Tryed to do it here and have no clue.
    I must need to take the slow, old guy, one step at a time, get a hand held tutor class on how to post a picture here. Maybe that is why I don't see anyone else posting pictures here???
  4. ok in the quick reply box just paste the pix there there is no image code box here like on azod took me awhile also lmao try it just copy then paste it right in the box
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    Yep it doesn't work. The Icon with the picture (insert image) does not work. Here is where you click it and a box pops up for you to copy an URL Link ( Address) to. This does not work on the advanced mode either. :confused:

    I told them about this, but still does not work. If you copy the Image link from photobucket and paste it in your post it should work.
  6. dave

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    Like this? Thanks!

  7. now that is a shedding idea..
  8. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Folks, you do not have to have a photo hosted on the web in order to post pictures in your replies or New Threads.

    When posting a picture, select the Go Advanced button (from the Quick Reply box).

    When the compose box loads, scroll down the page a little bit and you will see Additional Options.

    Click the Manage Attachments option.

    You will then see an Upload Files From Your Computer option.

    Click the Browse button and then select the picture you wish to post from your PC files by double-clicking on them.

    Then select the Upload button.

    When you are done uploading your pictures (and composing your text to your thread), simply click the Submit Reply button.

    Thanks to everyone, I think it's time we make this a Sticky Thread.
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  9. Oh ...I have fun with posting pictures...I have been accused of posting to many..My obession is cute puppies
    I do mine hosted...I was told it causes less memory or something with needed band width or something like that for the board...Guess more to be curtious