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  1. Here's a cute little moth we found on the same trip. When it starte to get dark thousands of them came out. They are the same size as a small hummingbird and have a beak and go from flower to flower too. Here's one in action and the second photo is on hiding. It took forever to get a picture because they never stop moving and my pocket digital wasn't really up to the task.

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  2. yea, they are pretty neat to watch.

    And as far as hummingbirds go they usually have a HB banding event up at Sipe/White Mtn Wildlife Refuge in July. This is over on the NE corner of the state outside of Springerville. They also have something in the SE part of the state but I am not up on the particulars of that one. But you can get some great pics at both of them.

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    Down here in Cochise County, about the same timeframe. I have got a "gazillion", that's more than a "bazillion" hummers down here on a daily basis. Wife goes through about a gallon of feed in 3 or 4 days. At night we have the moth's takeover the flower patch.
  4. It's pretty relaxing to sit and watch the little buggers. they fight and flit and cuss each other out, and there is always a bully or two that run the others off. The moths are neat too. I have sat up late waiting for them to show up, hoping the booze didn't run out or I didn't pass out before they got hungry.

    Simple pleasures for simple minds........
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    Life just ain't fair.
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    I think those are Sphinx moths. They are very large and do behave like a humming bird. The "beak" is actually their proboscis that they roll up when not in use. I tried to attach a link but I couldn't get it to "be" the link. If you do a search on Sphinx moths, you will find your animal.

    We have so many around here they are a nuisanse.

    Doug Gordon
  7. Whewwww! I got attacked by one of those suckers and thought MOTHRA was after me! Good to know they are just harmless moths!