Hunt Get-Togethers

Discussion in 'Welcome & Orientation' started by Bowhunter60, Dec 6, 2017 at 9:03 AM.

  1. Is there anywhere on here where you can post a desire to connect up with someone for a hunt? i.e. quail, dove, predators, etc.
  2. Post a new post in the right category and post away.

  3. rk

    rk I am NOT an Admin!

    Back in the old days, when this site was buzzing a lot more, we used to have predator hunting get-togethers a couple of times a year. Lots of fun at those...
  4. Do we have enough guys here that would want to GTG for predator? If we plan it far enough out in advance, I'd be game.
  5. rk

    rk I am NOT an Admin!

    I guess we will see who chimes in. I may be interested, depending on when and where...
  6. I'm in for a predator hunt. Could be a lot of fun.
  7. I am in...when and where...

    We do have a rabbit hunt every year from a group on here as well, it is a blast of a time (been the last two years).
  8. I love Rabbit Camp! GTG's are a lot of fun, but a LONG drive from down here in Hell, i mean Yuma.
  9. Roadkill--agree it is a drive, even from Tucson. Be great for 1 or 2 additional days I think. But still...a good time
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