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  1. Hey,

    Want to let you all know that Hunt of a Lifetime will take any tags that you wont be able to use this fall as we all are getting ready to find out if we drew tags for Elk and Antolpe remember those kids that may never have another chance to hunt a big game animal again. I have talked with Don Martin on this and the young man who got Norm's big horn tag that young man is still fighting for his life and when Don took that sheep back to him that was so awesome. if i drew a tag it would go to HOAL. if you cant use it donate it .
  2. How do you go about donating a tag?


  3. ok

    well go to

    and you can contact them your contact should be Terry Petko what kind of a tag do you have that needs to be donated? if you dont mind me asking? and you can write it off on your taxes also cause they are a NON-profit 501 c good luck
  4. Oldest daughter has decided she will eat things but not kill them. She wants to donate a 27 jr turkey tag. Starts April 20. So I figure the sooner the better. Shes adamate about not wanting to kill something, and I dont want the tag to go to waste.

    #2 on the other hand wouldnt give hers up for anything. They both drew tags. But the oldest is going to go along to video #2's hunt. Go figure.
  5. oh ok

    oh ok i see what your saying yeah your best bet is to get ahold of terry petko like i said he would be the one to talk to you. sorry to hear that your daughter doesnt want to kill anything. maybe in time she will. least she eats the meat you bring home. good luck with it.
  6. I'm more then a little confused about this as she has been out armed ( with her 42#recurve no less) and chasing critters with me since she was 10. However she has never actually had a chance to release an arrow. it was her choice to hunt with the recurve and she is able to shoot it well. Just could not get close enough. But thats archery. I am not going to push her either way. this was her decision, She just sent Terry an e-mail. With any luck the tag will still be useful. I hope its not to late to get everything set up. Hopefully we will hear back tomorrow.
  7. uumm

    wow well its all new to gun hunting and turkeys are different from small game she will see how much fun it is and want to try it. just keep taking her out in the field with you. in time she'll be out there with you hunting and out shootin you also. Terry should get back with you tomorrow i bet the tag will get used by someone.
  8. I've a feeling this decision was based alot on peer pressure. but again i dont want to push her at all on this. Shes pretty hard headed. I hope she will get back into it. And know she will probably go out with me again. I'm trying to talk her into learning how to use an elk call. With hopes she can call for me this fall. And I know she will be back out with me this Sept for the archery deer season. So we will go from there.
  9. oh

    oh yeah didnt think about that yeah other kids i bet thats what happned. oohh bet that would be fun for her to learn how to use an elk call and help you on your hunt this fall then she'll get back into it. take her to a 3-D shoot by where you live and that might get her back into it also.
  10. Going to give the 3d thing a try here one of these days. But cant seem to get coordinated with my schedule and the shoots. But at least shes still willing to go out. And if she doesnt get into it again thats ok also. And I still have 2 others that havent hit 10 yet. The boy is 6 and chomping at the bit to get out. Daughter #3 I dont know about. But we'll get to that one when she gets old enough. But thats kids for you. Got to love them.