Hunter Education Instructors Needed

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  1. Arizona youth need your help to get outdoors and hunt! More Hunter Education Instructors are needed throughout the State. If you can volunteer just four hours every six months after initial training, you can help.

    Teach as part of an existing team or start a new team in your community. No prior hunting or firearms experience is necessary. Game & Fish will train you and provide the resources you need.

    Upcoming New Instructor Training Classes:
    • Flagstaff on 18-19 November 2017
    • Phoenix on 16-17 December 2017
    • Sierra Vista on 28-29 January 2018

    Pass on your hunting heritage to the next generation. Email for more information or to register.
  2. Sounds like there a site so I can read more about the needs and if I can "do this"?

  3. I did it for 20 plus years, retired from doing it, Way to many regulations now on teaching, It got old with the regs and rules.
  4. Are all AZ Hunter Ed teachers unpaid volunteers? Or is this a youth mentoring program? The link you gave did not give many details. Thanks DR
  5. Unpaid, UN- Appreciated, overworked, nada, nothing. You get the point ?
  6. I'll take a look online thanks for the post.