Hunting Checklist Android Application

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  1. I am an Android developer and in the last weeks I developed a Hunting Checklist application for Android. I contains all the items that you would need to take with you on a hunting trip (I think) and you can mark them as checked after you packed them, so you don't forget anything.

    All the items are grouped into categories, and you can also add your own items/categories.

    You can also upload your checklist and share it with your hunting mates.

    I am looking for some feedback for the app. What features would you find useful in such an application? Would you add any items to the default checklist?

    Here is the Google Play link:

    Any feedback for the app is appreciated :)

  2. Thank you to both of you! :D
  3. Welcome!

    I'd really hope no one has to check a list to remember their rifle
  4. Kind of what I thought, or clothing, ammo, ect.
  5. Right, my box is always packed ready to go with everything (minus guns) and gets repacked at the end of each hunt.
  6. Welcome to the group, Snoopo. I actually understand putting your gun on the list as some of us with ADD might just get out of the house without the most important piece of equipment. haha
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  7. Checklist needs to be complete to be useful. I went dove hunting with my brother in law for about 5 minutes once because he uncased his shotgun only then to realize he forgot the keys to his trigger lock. We went to breakfast.
  8. Much like checklists for aircraft even the "dumb" items need to be there because if you forget it it could ruin your whole trip.