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  1. I am curious, being from Maine, how much land is worth out in Arizona. If I wanted to purchase roughly 200-300 acres of land how much would it be per acre? give or take a few hundred $$$?
  2. That really depends on where you buy. You need to think about where and what you want, desert property will be cheaper than pine tree country. While the pine tree country offers elk hunting some of the desert country offers prime mule deer hunting. Each has its own attraction.

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    We own 5 acres that butts up to the national forest, an acre next to our SE corner, which also butts up to the forest just sold for $105,000 just raw land, no septic, no water, no electric. We turned down an obscene amount of money for our place, which I am now starting to have second thoughts about.
  4. I work in escrow and I can get an average price for just about any place in the state. Slim is right, though. It all depends on where you are looking. About 3-5 years ago, you could steal pretty much any piece of land, but not now. Stuff in my area where I live used to go for 5-10K an acre only 2 years ago. Now you are looking at 75K for that same acre. The real estate market was out of control the last two years.
  5. Wow! My dad has about 5 acres around a ski area and that would sell for about $125,000 and that is considered fairly high because of the location.

    You go up North here in Maine just to buy acreage and you can get 300 acres for like $1,000 per acre. :shock: