Hunting unit 20B

Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by TheDude, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Anyone hunt deer or skunk pigs in this unit? I've been hiking up toward Hells Canyon / west of Lake Pleasant, and have never seen any movement. Its pretty remote, so thought I'd see something. Plenty of jackrabbits and quail though.
  2. There are monster mulies in there. Plenty of pigs

  3. +1 on that. We put cameras out on that side of the lake a few years ago and got TONS of deer. I've had luck w pig on the NE side. I would find the hidden G&F water catchments which can be close to roads but in deep canyons or hillsides, the ones with the tin roof material.
  4. Very cool. I figured there'd be something. Draw percentages are actually decent for the unit, so maybe I'll put in eventually. I go into 2 of the largest quail coveys I've ever seen out that way last year. I doubt many people go back there due to the rugged nature of the terrain.
  5. Just be prepared for all the ATVs and utvs hunting. And all the ATVs and utvs just driving. Get away from all the ruckus and you will do fine.