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Does the Maine Warden Service not have biologist(s) on their staff? I would think that they would have jumped on this not only for the good PR but for the chance to put to rest the stories about the weird animal roaming the northern woods. I agree with Weasel, looks like a dog to me.

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This is what is causing the uproar. They do have a full compliment of wildlife biologists. They just came across as complete uncaring jerks toward the people and showed no interest in the discovery.
This will reignite smouldering bad feelings. Maine people have reported sightings of mountain lions and wolves for some time, yet the warden service not only won't investigate, they publicly ridicule anyone who reports something.
Just bad a PR and it will kick em in the butt down the road - again.
It's funny because I know the guy who heads up the Warden Service's public relations campaign and he's not like that at all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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