I finally did it

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  1. Congratulations!

    That's a beautiful buck. Hopefully now you got the stink off and you'll be more successful.
  2. Congrats! Im in the same boat and I will hopefully have the same ending (or beginning depending on how you look at it). Season#1 has came and went for me. Had a blast out there but came home empty handed each time. Thanks for the honesty and inspiration!
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  3. Nice buck! Good job. I don't see blood. You gotta tell us the story. I as most love the details..
  4. Thank you. I will get into more detail when I have more time. But short version: Shot one at 35yrd downhill. Hit the lungs (no pass thru) he dropped about 10 yrd later. I am guessing I hit the aorta. Somehow the arrow got pushed distally. I’m assuming when he rolled downhill. He was a messy stinky field dress. The entrance wound is on the other side of the deer. It was a good ending to my first archery buck. Reminded me that this isn’t ever gonna be a walk in the park. But I enjoyed every min of it.

    To top of off we were on a time restraint to get him packed out, and I had dropped my bag about a 3/4 mile back on the other side of the mtn before the stalk.
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  5. Very nice. Ya several days lately I have been hunting and asking myself why I do this. My wife had to talk me back from the ledge (I now consider her my addiction enabler). I am very grateful to hunt in AZ with all the opportunities we have, but dang can it be hard sometimes. Woke up the other day and it was 12 degrees outside and 18 in my trailer. I have hunted a lot lately and had the closest chance on Sunday where after a 1 mile long stalk I missed out on a big bodied Muley at 30 yards by less than 2 seconds...just needed to get that peep and 30 yard lined up when he turned and went the other way! But guess what - we are going camping this weekend and I'm bringing the bow!
    Oh ya thanks for providing the details of the shot, placement and distance traveled after the shot.
  6. Lol well to end the hunt my truck was stolen the next morning (got home midnight after cleaning was to tired to take my gear out). He got most of my hunting stuff Slik tripod, outdoorsman setup with panhead, kuiu frame 6000, vortex razor spotting, 10x42 EL, etc. he has no idea what it worth I’m guessing.

    The cops asked if my truck had any identifying marks. I replied, ”You’ll know it’s mine when you pull it over because there are 4 deer hoofs in the bed of the truck.”

    True story, but it’s only material stuff. It can all be replaced and noone got hurt.

    As of now I’m still missing my Toyota Tundra RIP
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  7. What in the world. That is depressing as it gets. But you're right its only material things and you can only hope karma serves them