I got my first deer tag ever!

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by phillip mills, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. I'm 22 and finally got my first deer tag after years of bird and small game hunting. The thing is its for unit 44a. I have hunted this unit for birds and rabbits and I have seen deer, but only 1 spike 2 years ago. I see does maybe once a month. I was wondering if any of ya'll have any advice on the unit or just in general.
  2. Shoot a last day buck on your first day. Can't eat horns.

  3. Plan on it man
  4. Phillip, Welcome to AHT !!! Post a small Bio Please in "WELCOME" thread.. Good Luck, If theres a doe, a buck is nearby !!
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  5. This too! Even during non rut seasons therr will be a buck nearby a doe. This is often overlooked by road hunters that cruise around and they complain all they see is does
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  6. Does the oil industry promote “road” hunters?
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  7. Ooooo free gas for a year! haha. Nothing wrong againsts trucks and SxS, but there are definitely those that never get out of their truck.
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    I wish they did, that would be even less guys on foot ;)
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  9. This year was the most I've seen people on "foot" sitting somewhere. Must of been all the newbs that got dropped off by their buddies. Most years I will only ever bump or glass 1 or two other parties hunting and I put a lot of miles on my boot leather