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  1. Turns out we're heading to Washington state over the holidays instead of my long anticipated (and much scouted for) mule deer archery hunt in 37B. Everyone in my family is heading to my parent's "homestead" and I agreed to go after much argueing (mostly in my own head). They still live where I grew up - 14 miles outside of a town of approximately 300 people, and roughly 80 miles south of the Canadien (spelling for our northern bretheren) border.
    I spoke with Mom on Sunday, and they have 2 foot of snow on the ground & it was 9 degrees.
    My wife and son are very excited and of course I am too. It'll be the first time in 19 years all of my immediate family will be in the same location.
    Believe it or not, I helped my Dad build the log house they are living in...shoot, they finally are on the grid as of 10 months ago. Before that it was the kerosene lanterns, graduated to propane lighting and refridgeration. We cut all the trees down, peeled them by hand, and sawed them on our own sawmill (Foley - Belsaw for those in the know). They still heat the house only by a wood stove, and takes them 10 cords of wood to get through the cold months. I have a feeling Dad has saved some wood for me to hand split. :shock:
    Anyway, I hope my Dad, son, and I will get to do a little bird hunting up there...pheasant, grouse, chukar, quail, and hopefully grouse. Used to be real good, but I'm not too concerned about the amount of birds, but the quality of time spent together. As much as I wanted to go deer hunting this December, I feel it best to drive up there and see everyone.

    I hope to have plenty of pictures to post if anyone is interested. My parents truly still live a remote life as I once did and to those who have the same dreams perhaps they'll give you inspiration.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Nothing like being at home with family for the Holidays.

    While you're gone, we'll leave the light :idea: on for you...

    Take care, drive safe and bring back some pics of the trip.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas.

  3. Yer son needs to spend some quality time with his granpa.........time goes by so fast, if you know what I mean.
    Good luck and have a great, safe trip.
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    Enjoy your time with your family. Like Dan said we'll keep the light on for ya.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :tea:
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    Be Safe!

    Ron I knew you were a Red Neck. Is your bother Larry The Cable Guy going to be there. J/K :roflpmp:
    Have fun and be safe. So when will you be returning?
  6. That sounds like an incredible time to me. Although missing archery season is hard to do. Quality time spent like that with family is hard to beat. Especially under the circumstances you listed. Enjoy your holidays with the family. Those deer will still be there come January. Be safe and have a great time.