Illeagl activity in 36-c ????

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  1. I have a tag for unit 36-c for the general Javelina hunt,for which I want to go bow hunting. I dont know this unit and am concerned about leaving anything in a camp set up due to the heavy use of this area by illegal immigrnts and thier coyotes. shhould I be so concerned. any info I could get from you guys in southern part of the state would be helpful.
  2. I used to hunt there, and have had a friend find duffle bags full of weed.
    If you go, make sure someone knows exactly where you are camped, and stay in contact with family. Make sure you carry a sidearm and a cell phone.

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    It's been a while since I been in that area, 6 or so months. I would not go alone and I have always carried a handgun. I will not let these SOB's stop me from going anywhere in this state. That area holds some quality hunting, as does the whole southern border area. You have a better chance of having your hunt ruined by the Border Patrol than you do the illegals, I think if you just use some common sense safety precautions you should be ok. It may be a bit hard to get cell service in there. I don't think you have to much to worry about as far as your camp getting looted -- but then again who knows anymore.
  4. Thanks for the replies,I really wanted to hunt that area,Ill make sure to take company on this one, I always carry a sidearm when hunting.hpoefully the border patrol wont feel threatend by a bow. Ive heard some stories about them giving hunters some grief.The sad part is I had to ask at all
    Thanks again