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  1. I enjoy cowboy action shooting. I used to shoot at NCOWS and SASS events back in Indiana but there are no NCOWS posses here in Arizona. NCOWS is much like SASS with some differences. Targets are farther away, guns can't be short-stroked, and clothing has to be period correct (pre-1899). I live near Prescott. How many would be interested in joining if an NCOWS posse was started here?
    You can learn more about NCOWS at
  2. I would be more than interested in that stuff if I didnt have to support another wardrobe and come up with a name, i have enough personalities to support and keep separated in my head already

  3. One of the guides on the NCOWS website is how to dress period correct without breaking the bank. Many items can be found at Goodwill. Jeans can be used provided the belt loops are removed. Belt loops were a 1900 era thing. Also, members have a one-year grace period to get things together. You don't have to have an alias in NCOWS. I had one guy say, I didn't do anything wrong so why do I need an alias!?!
  4. I used to do the quick draw competitions here in Idaho. Lots of fun until my dog ate my custom made black holster and belt lol.
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  5. I can quick draw the heck out of a stickman
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  6. Ricky, Your the fast draw of the law enforcement community are you not ? Call yourself Speedy Poncho !!:p:p
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  7. I tried SASS for a while, and even tried Cowboy Mounted Shooting. I got into it because I really like the shooting and guns. My least favorite part is the reenacting part. NCOWs seems more heavily weighted toward the Reenactors. They want period correct, if you camp out they want all your gear correct for the time. That's just not the part that appeals to me.

    You might try going to CAS shoots to see if you can get enough that like that part to make a posse. Good Luck. DR
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  8. I have taked about Sass and attended a couple get together but haven't pulled the trigger. Id be interested in learning more.
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  9. Here is a brochure for NCOWS. I enjoy SASS and NCOWS. NCOWS' matches have more of the "cowboy" feel that I enjoy. We don't have a posse in this state but it sure seems like we should. In my opinion there should be more than enough interest to have several posses around the state.
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  10. I recently bought a SAA colt 45LC but haven't shot it yet. Also bought a stoeger coach gun and now need a rifle to fit. Then of course clothing and etc but time is on my side
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