Javelina Bratwurst

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  1. Tonight supper was some brats I made out of my javelina. Came out pretty good. Here is the recipe.

    1.5 lbs game
    1.5 lbs fatty pork butt
    1 T kosher salt
    1 T coursely ground black pepper
    1 T coursely ground mustard seed
    2 t minced garlic (I like fresh but have used dried also)
    2 t sugar
    1 t ground mace
    1 t dried sage
    1/2 t ground nutmeg
    1/2 cup water

    I dice my meat up into 2" chunks, mix in the spices and water and run thru the grinder with the 3/8" plate. This mixes things pretty good, then I may grind again, depends on how well the mix looks. I stuff into hog casings, tie into 4" links then hang them in my meat locker (old refrigerator on the back porch) to let the casings dry.
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    Sounds tasty! Here is one of my favorite meals, made with bratwurst (javelina, bear, whatever):

    1) Cut up some fresh cabbage and put it in the steamer.

    2) Put the brats on a broiler pan, spray with a little cooking spray, or brush with oil, and broil (turning once) until the outside is nicely browned and sizzling. Or you can grill 'em.

    3) If you time it right, the cabbage will get done just before the brats. Mix butter, salt, and pepper with the cabbage while the brats are finishing up.

    4) Cut up a brat, and put it on a bed of the steamed cabbage, and add several (or more!) dashes of Tabasco (red, green, or both).

    This is a very simple, quick, nutritious meal, and I just can't get enough of it! Just had it using bear brats for tonight's dinner...

  3. I make a saurkraut & sausage that's not too bad with them. Cut the brats about 1" thick and throw in the crockpot, add a jar of saurkraut and couple of cans of whole potato's and a handful of whole garlic cloves and let it all cook together for the day. Serve in a bowl and chase with cold beer........

    I prefer my brats over store bought because they aren't as greasy. If I make this with store bought I will boil them first, gets a little of the grease out.