Javelina Contest!

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by Desert Rat, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. OK - I think pigs are my favorite AZ game so far, even though I am 0 for 3. I have some giveaway stuff. Here's the contest: Post your 2007 javelina success photo in this thread. After all the pig seasons are over, I'll post a poll and we'll vote on the best photo.
  2. TXJavi

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    Will you let an out of State guy like me enter???? Or is just for AZ????? I am going to do some Bowhunting for these little critters and am looking for my first with a bow :D

  3. Desert rat,

    My computer and the wifes camera are not speaking right now, so I will have to get the pics printed out and then scan them back into the computer to get them on here. Hopefully I will have it done and figured out by the end of the rifle seasons.
  4. Ok I figured out how to get the camera and the computer on the same page. I finally got all my pics downloaded, now I cant figure out how to put them on here. Anyone have the directions??

    Me and the piggie
    Me and the piggie
  5. Chief

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    I can show ya but I can't tell ya, I'm just not computer smart. Sign up for Photobucket (free) that's the first step.
  6. Chief,

    How about I e-mail them to you and maybe you can get them on the screen for me ??/ Please
  7. Chief

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    Send them, I'll try.
  8. Chief,

    Going to try it again . I enlisted the help of my 13 year old, and think I might have it figured it out.

    WOOO HOOO. I just got educated by a 13 year old. Got to love technology.

    Me and my brother in law
    The piggie
  9. I forgot all about this.....

    If you want to be eligible for the contest, post a pic in this thread ASAP. In a couple of weeks, I'll put a poll up for a vote.
  10. [​IMG]

    See "#2 fills her tag" for the story And my vote is for her...LOL :lol: :lol:

    Just got the official SCI score on this little beast.. 14 4/16" According to the scorer it should go top 20-25 in the rifle catagory, and made gold by 3/16th" She dont know it yet but I'm going to get the Gold Medallion and see if it wins any awards....LOL.. I bet I can suprise her . :lol: :lol: