Javelina Hunt Giveaway

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  1. Arizona Javelina Hunt Give Away

    U.S. Hunting Today in conjunction with Arizona Hunting Today plan to give away a 3 day javelina hunt located in Casa Grande, AZ Guided by Garth Goodrich of the Good O Guides ( http://www.thegoodoguides.com/).


    - 3 day javelina hunt for 1 person and another person can accompany the winner for 1/2 price.
    - Located in Casa Grande, AZ
    - Guided by Garth Goodrich of the Good O Guides Guide Service (http:// www.thegoodoguides.com/).
    - Total value of the hunt including the 1/2 companion is $825.00
    - Includes lodging and food during the hunt.
    - Winner must pay for and provide a valid license and tags. (Current price for non-resident license is $188.50)
    - Winner must pay for and provide transportation to and from Casa Grande, AZ.
    - Hunt can be of any weapon type as long as it is the following; archery, handgun, muzzloader, or rifle. Depending on the weapon type will be the season dates.
    - If the winner takes a javelina early on they can go varmint hunting or if it is during January (archery javelina), they can add a mule deer hunt, which can be discussed and negotiated with the winner after he/she wins.
    - Drawing will be held on September 15, 2007 (Winner must accept the prize and notify us to make arrangements prior to October 1, 2007)

    In order to be eligible to win you must complete and submit the following form located here:


    Thanks Garth!!
  2. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Way to go Garth, Marshall, Tom and Steve.

    I sure haven't seen anything like this done on any other Arizona outdoor forum. :roll:

    This place ROCKS!

    Good luck to all who enter the contest.

  3. Marshall can't take any credit for this LOL It was all Garth and the big bosses :)
  4. Marshall, maybe you will win........good luck to all.....remember, someone HAS to win.
  5. Chief

    Chief Guest

    Good deal Garth! If you should need some help I'm available. Might even throw in a Coues rifle hunt down this way.
  6. a) I'm not sure it would be ethical to enter a contest on the site that I run... :wink:

    b) I have to win a contest to go hunting with you????? 8)
  7. wow cool

    wow garth thats cool that you did that for the site good for you
  8. Dan....thanks for the e-mail inviting me to this site!

    Marshall.....I entered the contest and when (not if) I win, I'll transfer the hunt to you. Man, it's time you got to bag one of those little stinky critters!!!!!
  9. Thanks for a great site. Maybe I will be able to get one of these stinky critters also.
  10. So Garth - people who want to enter need to draw a 37A tag, I'm assuming?