Javelina Woes

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  1. Marshall,
    great story...........It took me about 4 years to learn enough to kill a Javelina witha bow.
    One thing.....if you have a pig walking within 50 yards of you and he has no idea you are around, try woofing a couple of times instead of blowing that call. Then make loud "smacking" noises like a pig would when chewing. usually, the pig will come to see what teh 'other pig" is eating. But, dont overdo the woofing. remeber, they will try to circle downwind, so be ready.
    Where did you apply for the fall pig hunt?

  2. Yeah, I've adopted the woofing and smacking, the last couple of years. Problem is, I've been finding them less....

    I think I put in for 37B again. Maybe 37A. I honestly can't remember....
  3. It is gonna be a hot hunt, but if you draw 37A let me know. I know where a couple of herds hang out.
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    Great story Marshall I enjoy that.
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  5. I can relate to pig woes. I had one at 18 yds in Jan, nocked my arrow and drew and couldn't anchor. Then realized I still had the call in my mouth so I pulled the bow away from my face and spit the call out. Then I anchored and noticed that I had relaxed just enough to let my trapdoor rest fall. Time I got things back in order the pigs had had enough and away they went. I went right down the hill to camp and adjusted the sensitivity on my rest, something I should have done the week before when it dropped on me while I had a coyote in my sights. I have taken a few pigs with a pistol, next up is archery.

    And for what it is worth the woofing, smacking and J-13 call work great.
  6. OK, I fanned on the fall draw, but spring regs are out.

    On the advice of bowhuntinmaniac, I am going to depart from my comfortable (but unsuccessful) choice of 37B, and put in for 37A.
  7. good story..also like you i have made 2 draws(ham season,but w/bow) on spring pigs,but failed to connect.first year it rained 3 days in a row and they werent budging,2nd year didnt see any except 2 that were already were tagged by others.this time around i am taking my 10yr old daughter for archery pig if i get drawn,just need to decide where to go now.last year during my cow elk hunt i had a single pig practically walk on my back pack and get about 10ft from me in the wide open...that speeds up the ol' ticker for sure!