Javelina worth it?

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by LambeauLeaper12, Sep 22, 2020.

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  2. As long as you aren’t in the same unit as I am, I’d say yes. I got skunked last year. Had them patterned well, the temp dropped the night before opening day and I lost them. A friend gave me most of one he shot, and it was delicious. It’s like anything, some people couldn’t cook a filet mignon right and would say it sucks.

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    They don't move much from caves and good bedding.
  4. I went a few times but never seen one. Bow.
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    I would say doing a javelina hunt is absolutely worth it. You will find out first hand if it is your cup of tea...you may love hunting them and love the meat.
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  6. Javis are GREAT for a first time hunter; Hard to find sometimes, sometimes not, they cant see well unless your close and moving, They have better nose, hearing then eyesight, not to big to carry out by yourself if you are prepared, easy to clean, small enough to skin by yourself( Scent Gland comes off with Hide), a great first time butcher job to learn on, if you mess it up, its not the end of the world ( You tube Vids), taste OK, if you do all the right steps following Tagging a stinker.
  7. Any hunt that gets you out is a good hunt!
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    I started hunting javelina in 1972 and although I did not hunt them every year, and had a probably 10-15 year break I never bagged one. I hunted HAM for several years and got shots but no javelina. I took my son-in-law hunting and he got one the first time out. I was still getting tag soup.
    After probably 40+ years of hunting javelina I finally started getting one or two every year. Now I love it. Next to turkey, my favorite outing but then my wife comes along as my driver and guide. She has done pretty well finding sign. Can't get her to hunt though.

    The funny thing is turkey hunting is supposed to be much more difficult and I scored the first year I hunted and have probably 25-28 birds since then.