Javilina backstrap?

Discussion in 'The Chuck Wagon' started by Desert_Ram, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. ok i have some pig backstraps in the freezer and i want to cook them up and with them i have never cooked them how and what would be the best way? yummy cant wait to have them :) also got deer in the freezer my friend gave me the meat lol cant wait till they go elk hunting
  2. I made green chile out of mine this year. I have also butterflied them and cooked in flour, s&p and butter and made steak sandwiches, wrapped in bacon and cooked on the grill and cooked them in an electric skillet like a roast with potatos & onions.

    Just looked at my green chile recipe post and realized that while I did make green chile with my backstraps I then made it into enchilada's. Either way it came out good.

  3. thanks Azslim i will check it out i have never cooked pig backstraps before so i am a little scared to i have deer and elk and no prob but pig is like oh no so i will go and check it out :)