Job loss (or not) due to COVID-19

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Have you lost your job due to the COVID-19 Virus and do you need the stimulus payment?

  1. Yes and I do need the stimulus check to keep afloat

    2 vote(s)
  2. No, and do not want the stimulus check

    13 vote(s)
  3. I want the stimulus check regardless

    12 vote(s)
  1. Been retired for almost 2 years now. Was in education and have been subbing to earn a little play money. Lost that opportunity and will take anything government wants to give me. They've been taking too much and then don't use it wisely. My turn to take it and I don't plan on using it wisely!
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  2. Thats right.

    I bought another gun and a few thousand rounds. Thats is exactly what they wanted me to do.

    Any time the gov gives me cash i get another gun.
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  3. My check will go back to the government to pay taxes.
    It won't cover it all but it will help.

    So the poll say's 48.1% of you don't want a stimulus check.
    I have a question for those.
    When you get it are you going to send it back ?
    I would be willing to bet none of them do.
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  4. You cannot send it back. That is the way the government works.

    Its like that lady on the news today that received an unemployment debit card and has been for two month that she did not apply for.

    In order for the government to get the same cash next year they must spend it all or get nothing the next year.

    Stupid shat but true.
  5. Mortgage business is absolutely nuts right now. NO complaints, though, glad to be working. Wife is a family law attorney. When this is over, I may not see her much. divorce lawyers and baby docs will be crazy busy when this passes.
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  6. Do I have this correct but do we have to pay this stimulus back via taxes? I’ve sent an email to my accountant but he’s not back till Monday. No sides on this one, neutral question and concerns.
  7. No.
    you don't have to pay it back and it is not a taxable income.
  8. Im not Greedy, But a few more of those checks would be Nice. Wife and I got ours finally first of this week.
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