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We have had a feral cat driving us crazy for the past several weeks. Spraying all over the back patio and front porch, he has ruined a few chair cushions and has just been a real pain in the butt. Attempts to get a day time shot at him have proved futile, leg hold traps and two Hav-A-Harts traps have not been productive. Our Dobbie will not give chase because we (wife) have trained him to leave our cat alone. Much to my dismay.

We had a few friends over for a BBQ, did some burgers, hotdogs nothing special just good friends and conversation. As always down here the conversation turned to illegals and what we should be doing about it and so forth. Someone made the comment, in jest of course, that when we see them we should shoot them all except one and let him go back to whatever country they came from and the word will get around. Everyone agreed, in jest of course.

After everyone left the wife and I are still sitting out on the back patio enjoying what was left of a beautiful day - lo and behold we look up on the mountain and there is Juan and Jose, wife gets up to call Border Patrol and starts into the house. At about the same time I see Mr. Feral Cat, rather in close and no place near Juan & Jose. Grab the Ruger 77/17, line up on Mr. Feral Cat and bang flop. Wife in the meantime was in the process of dialing, drops the phone and starts yelling at me "What did you do - you didn't shoot them, DID YOU?" I was just to much to pass up - so I replied: "Not all of them, I let one go."

Chance are I'll be sleeping in the trailer next few days.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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