Just a little fun

Discussion in 'Trail Cam Pictures' started by AZPapa, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. I too hope they saw the humor and know I meant no harm. When we went back a couple of days later to check ours, theirs was taken down though.
    No ghostly trail pics from this compadre. I stuck with the ones I did because I thought the ghosts and Bigfoots are overrated. :)

  2. Thats funny, even on my camera I would laugh my ass off, then go buy lock boxes cuz you aint gettin in my camera or SD card again lol. The next guy would have stolen it for sure. I just smile and wave when I find them.
    But having pre loaded cards with goofy pics to swap would be good fun too....for me anyway ;)
  3. Leave Weds for my Elk Hunt, Looking forward to getting away for a few days, Yep, Ive been swammped at work, turning down work, booked pretty much till end of year with a few big jobs.
  4. Have a great time on the Elk Hunt....busy work is better than no work...good to hear! Now, go relax a little and have fun..
  5. Have a great hunt, Bearfoot!!
  6. Thanks, gotta work in morning of coarse, maybe getta out of town by 10am, no hurry, cant shoot till Friday I suppose.