Just sitting and watching the rain fall and the wind blow...

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by ed from bama, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Good evening to all-

    Bear- Kayaks are stored and secured, and that's a good thing- this damned storm is supposed to come right over us late tonight or early in the morning. we're getting some pretty strong wind gusts- probably 50-60 mph- right now, and the power has been coming and going all evening.
    This is not a terrible storm like Hurricane Michael last year- but it doesn't take much of a hurricane to be bad- if it hits you.

    you all be safe and take care- Ed
  2. Ed--hope you are safe...not sure where you are exactly, but sounds as if this is a big one. Some 200 miles of wrath. Be safe and prayers

  3. Yep ED, Stay safe, we need the Alabama Chapter to up and posting, we all out west can only think about all that rain and damage it causes.
  4. E safe Ed.
    Think about this place when you can. 213DD781-2138-44AA-A69E-66E29EF2D6DE.jpeg
  5. Keep your head down and be safe Ed..
  6. You still there Ed? Haven’t blown or floated away?