Kaibab Deer Permits

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  1. here is another one for you all .

    Kaibab deer permits

    An item that took up a lot of morning was concerns from the public that dealt with the departments proposed Kaibab deer permits this fall.

    The department had proposed two juniors-only antlerless deer hunts, with 800 permits total, be established to curtail the expanding deer population on what is described as the state’s best deer herd.

    In 2006, only 100 antlerless tags were issued.

    The department also sought to move the early west side Kaibab hunt, commonly referred to by many as the Kaibab’ s “meat hunt” from a late October hunt structure to a mid-October time frame and increase buck only tags from 500 to 900.

    Both of the proposals brought howls of protest from sportsmen, including members of the Arizona Deer Association, one of the department’s non-government “partners” in deer management on the famous north Kaibab.

    Kevin Harris, the president of the ADA said that deer permits on the Kaibab should remain, “As status quo, or if the department insists on increasing tags, that they be made in moderation.”

    Walt Corn, the president of the ADA’s Buckskin Chapter in Fredonia, spoke on the matter and said their group would be happy with “200,300 or even 400 doe tags.”

    After much discussion with department personnel, sportsmen and the Commission, it was decided that the early hunt(s) on the Kaibab would remain in the same time frame as they were in 2006.

    Antlerless deer permits were raised from 100 to 400, with one four-day juniors-only hunt set for Nov.9-12.

    The early west side buck-only hunt will see an increase of 150 permits to 650 for 2007.

    It was interesting to note that in 2006 the department sold 49 “companion” buffalo tags to hunters who held valid Kaibab deer tags, with seven hunters bagging one of the shaggy beasts. Most of the harvest occurred during the east side deer hunts.

    The department also sold 52 any-elk tags for those who held Kaibab deer tags, however those hunters took no elk in 2006.
  2. Thats the first I heard of any Buffs being taken by a deer hunter. If G&F plans on continuing that program(elk & buff), I would think they would have made that fact a little more public.

  3. It was made public last year Sturge. I think 7 buffs were taken. The deal is you have to have a deer tag in order to purchase the buff tag. Most of the buff run in the Park where they are safe.
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    I think the majority of rifle deer hunters would probably howl like a wolf with this proposal, but IMO, they should make the Kaibab companion buffalo hunts "archery only" hunts, and include cross-bow as a legal means of take. They could also schedule the companion buffalo hunts to commence 1-week before, during, or 1-week following the scheduled deer hunts. Anyone who has followed this subject knows that once the first shot is fired, those buffalo high-tail it to the Park for sanctuary. Those buffalo ain't all dumb. This proposal could possibly help in achieving department harvest objectives for Kaibab buffalo.

    G&F will bode well to sell that many elk tags this year. 0% hunter success is not good odds. Despite all of that, I'm sure there's plenty out there with money to burn that will be more than willing to purchase an elk tag anyway.
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  5. Dan,
    The last time I had anything to do with a x-bow, they would not do well on a buff.......very inferior weapon.
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    You are probably right, as I know little to nothing about X-bows but have always thought they were on par with compounds? If that's the case, then they should not allow their use. What's your opinion on the "archery only" buffalo companion tags? Bad idea?