Kids Fishing Day Help Needed!!!!!

Discussion in 'AHT Announcements & Forum Events' started by Desert_Ram, May 30, 2007.

  1. ok guys i need HELP!!! the mohave sportsman club is putting on a free kids fishing day and we need help the lovely ppl at wal-wart will not be there to help u out like in past years dont ask me what i think????? we have 200 kids every year and about 400 ppl total and only 20 ppl to come out and help so you see where i am at now!!! :frusty: :frusty: and one - 2 ppl need to cook all the food so this really sucks for us!!!! so if anyone is looking for somethingto do on June 9th let me know ok.
    thanks Desert_Ram :frusty:
  2. Well a friendly bump to the top. if I lived closer i would help.:welcome: