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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Chief, Jul 4, 2006.

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    While sitting out on the back patio enjoying my afternoon "spot of tea" I noticed this little cottontail also enjoying the afternoon, not more than a foot or two away from me. All of a sudden this gopher snake came streakng out of a low growing shrub and had lunch. Luckily for me I had the camera sitting on the patio table and was able to capture the whole sequence, from the first attack until he slithered away.
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    Chief, I bet that does better than me hunting Bunnys. :lol:

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    Being as I have an intense interest in archaeology and a trained eye for spotting prehistoric lithic materials, I spotted some artifacts in your picture Chief. Your yard is either a part of a prehistoric archaeological site, or, perhaps you've purposely "salted" your landscape with relics?

    In the center of the picture, directly above the snake, you can see a rock with what appears to be a large pottery shard leaning against it. The rock appears to be a metate. Also, in the bottom left corner, there appears to be another metate (grinding) stone. I can't be certain from the pic, but the pottery shard resembles a variety of Salado/Hohokam type. Do you live in the Tucson Basin or Lower Gila drainage? Would you mind if I come down and conduct an archaeological site survey and material sampling in your yard? :roll:

    Anyway, awesome pic of the "food-chain order" between a snake and a hare. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Your more than welcome to come down and do whatever it is that you do - but be forewarned - the pottery shards are of recent vintage from the local merchants. We live in the Huachuca's.
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    Well, so much for my pottery-typing skills. :oops:

    What about the troughed stones (metates), are they from local merchants too?
  6. No - they been there as long as I can remember.