Knapping tools wanted

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  1. 3F0924D5-7BFD-42D1-BF4F-33344C3EF100.jpeg Check your garage, old sheds, and bottom of your junk box. Somewhere you may find some “knapping tools” for beginners. Borrow, beg or purchase. I want to try it. I now have 4 hardball size chunks of Obsidian and hoping to get a hunting point or 2 out of them while not cutting a finger off.
    Please let me know.
  2. Im an experienced napper but i never tried taking one on obsidian.... seems like it would be uncomfortable

  3. If you can put up a picture of what you are looking for. If I remember right it is a piece of deer antler and a piece of boot leather stretched over a board and tacked down.
    Both of my parents are passed but Mom could Knap a stone arrow point pretty well. I'm cleaning out there stuff right now. If you send me a pic of what you need Ill keep an eye out for it. DR
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  4. Just from memory, the all black piece at the top of your pic will be the easiest. Maybe practice on the others first . I'll also keep my eye open for more rock. Around here the most comon type is Snow Flake Obsidian. Its a dark black with white dots all through it. And it works almost as easy as the all black. DR
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    I used to find mega pounds of Obsidian in the area of the Boy's Ranch west of Kendrick Park.
  6. Man I read this title like chit we going to get shut down by the fbi. Rick looking for kidnapping tools :eek:
  7. There's a great channel on YouTube called Shawn Woods and another called huntprimitive. Theyre both pretty good knappers and have basic tool kits. You can make most of em with some old antlers or bones, and if you want to be modern some of the tools are made with copper pipe.

    I'd love to start knapping. I need to keep my eye out for some obsidian while wandering around
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  8. Since starting my retirement, I love knapping as well--typically, around noon I fall asleep
  9. Thanks Lynn. I don’t know that area but if I get into this I’ll be asking for a better idea n where the “boys ranch” is.
  10. I found this kit online. Again, I have never tried this so the tools are foreign to me at this point 20580E12-00C4-4CC4-A0A1-F1DA3578FEE3.jpeg