Knife Sharpening

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  1. As a former chef - sharp knives were very important...
    Some suggestions:
    Professional Knife Sharpeners: - recommended to me by other chefs - I have used them before, they do great work - service used by various kitchens I have worked in the past
    Invest in a good set of sharpening stones. DMT is a good brand. Buy once, long life of use. Has a travel version too...
    Electric is another way to go. Today's electric sharpeners are way more versatile then earlier ones; they can now do scissors, serrated, etc. I like Chefs Choice...,aps,210&sr=8-5
  2. i don't use the WS on my expensive Damascus blades, just a steel rod and then a ceramic one, keeps them razor sharp, even my big trackers. my EDC's get the WS treatment then a rod, they are not used much in my pocket so the rods really keep them sharp. i was never good a sharpening on a stone for some reason.

  3. Finally gave it a try today after watching some videos and reading the manual. Seemed to to a nice, quick job on my hunting knives and I touched up a few kitchen knives also. All in all, I'm happy with it. Need more practice but I think it was a good purchase. Thanks for the feedback all.
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  4. great! i practiced on a bunch of old kitchen knives until i got the hang of it. i need a new plastic guide but now i can sharpen without it and just eyeball the angle on the sanding band.
  5. Im Glad you like it, I love mine, makes it so much easier to get an good edge, then while in the field as a touch up, use a pocket steel to keep edge.
  6. carbon steel knives with a flat grind are cheap and easy to sharped. I recommend mora knives. I can use a puck for axes on them. I also have a ez-lap file sharpener set, a small stone, and a small hand smith sharpener for hooks and knives. with the V style sharpeners. it works great on my small swiss army knife. I highly recomend you check out mora knives.