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  1. Hey all.

    I have mentioned this in other posts but thought it is time for another reminder. In September 2018, the LWCF will expire. The LWCF has been in place for 52 years and has provided improved opportunities for outdoor recreation. The funding comes from a small portion of the royalties from off shore drilling. There is 0 cost to taxpayers. President Trump's 2018 budget cuts this funding by 84%. Those of us that enjoy outdoor activities stand to loose access to the areas that we currently enjoy. We all know the almighty dollar wins. Without this fund it will be difficult to protect these areas from development.

    Take a moment to look at the information here and consider signing the letter. Better yet, contact your Representative and let them know that the LWCF is important to you.

    Most of my best memories with my parents and sister were in the outdoors. It worries me that my son, daughter and I might not have the opportunity to make life-long memories in the outdoors.

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  2. Thanks for the link Kelly. I have signed in support.
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  3. I signed.

    Would you mind if I added a plug for a couple of other good causes to this thread?
  4. Not at all.
  5. There is also a continued attack on water in Cochise County, among others but this one is the big one right now. The politicians including the state representative from Hereford want to pass a bill that would change the rule for developments that currently requires a 100 year water supply before they can build. She is in the pocket of a foreign builder who wants to build massive numbers of new homes in a development near Sierra Vista/Benson. This would destroy the San Pedro River, the only free flowing river left in the U.S. by pumping ground water to supply these homes. The Nature Conservancy and Sierra Club (yes the hated Sierra Club) among others have been fighting along with conservationists to protect the river. This is the second year she has tried this and will probably keep trying to pass bills to suck ground water. If you live in her district I suggest voting her out of office. I think she is running this term.

    The second plea, is to consider joining/donating to The Nature Conservancy. I am no tree hugger by any means, but this group has made possible the preservation of areas such as Hart Prairie, the Hassyampa River, Patagonia-Sonoita Creek and the San Pedro River just to name a few in Arizona. Had this group not done that some of these would be covered with houses by now. One of my favorite songs by Don Henley, The Last Resort could be our future if we are not careful and vigilant.
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