Late notice Squirrel hunt

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  1. Looks like my family will be heading up north again early Saturday morning to do a quick over nighter
    and squirrel hunt. Will be going to 4a and thought I'd throw out an invitation to join us. Post if you're interested
    and I'll get with you on directions, etc.
    :beer: (but not too much..)
  2. TallPaul

    TallPaul Guest

    I am heading up north also. Check your PM .

  3. Chief

    Chief Guest

    Wish I could join you guys :( Remember to take your camera(s) along.
  4. Late season squirrel notice

    You guys out there in Arizona are driving this Michigan squirrel hunter crazy! Did anyone get anything? I'd love to hear about it and even more would love to see pics. Thanks, Greg
  5. Chief

    Chief Guest

    You still headed out this way?