Lets talk Black powder and muzzle loading

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  1. 150 dead on, 3 in group, then add english for longer distance
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  2. My youngest son took a cow elk at 236 yards with a TC omega shooting a 300 grain scorpion pt gold using BH209 powder, blew through both shoulders dead on it tracks. Our range is 250 yards and practice it regularly when we get lucky with a tag
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  3. Sweet Job !!! The newer guns shoot further, in line and all. I might reach out to 250 if I would practice that range. The Muzzleloader is winning the elk tagged out this season by a long ways, 5 that I know of now. Looks like a Big Cow, and a happy hunter. Tell your son Congrats !!!
  4. @bearfoot1 that hunt was in 2015 unit 3B.
    My oldest tagged out on that hunt also using a TC omega shooting s 300gr pt gold scorpion with BH209 powder, his shot was an 80 yard shot
    Thank you sir
  5. That's my favorite unit, last 3 elk came from that unit
  6. I'm also thinking about muzzleloading. With the ammo situation as bad as it is. Muzzleloader supplies/ blackpowder seem to be instock.
  7. Stick to the rifles, muzzleloader is a
    Alot of work, not worth it.
  8. The ammo situation is looking pretty damn good from my view point.
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