Limited Opportunity Elk Hunt

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Chief, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Have a friend who drew a 2B any elk hunt. He/we realize the chance for success is slim to nothing but it was his 4th or 5th choice. Since I didn't get drawn for elk - again - thought I would tag along with him. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Wow - no replies? When is the hunt, Chief? I'll see if I can find out anything....

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    Not suprised - this is a limited opportunity hunt and not many people would have hunted it in the past, at least not those wanting to kill an elk.
  4. Chief,

    Sitting here bored at work, and got to looking at that unit. I would sure be right north of Springerville and off of the Hwy by Lyman lake. The hunting unit report says there is limited access, But with it being a "hunt to reduce the resident population" I would bet that a talk with any of the ranchers in the area would net you loads of success. Several years back 3 of us drew antlerless tags in the area just south of there. Was a different number then. But couple of weeks prior to the hunt we were up there picking up some bulls the ranch boss had just purchased. The rancher he bought them from was estatic on us having tag in his unit. Showed us every little sweet spot he knew about and made some phone calls for a few more. The elk are eating up their winter graze right now. That would be my advice.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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    On a few trips to Albq, NM, from Whiteriver, AZ, I have passed through Springerville towards NM on Hwy60. There were numerous times that I had to hit those brakes as elk crossed over the highway. Right at the state line, westward in that unit, I could see bulls watching the traffic as well as the heffers .. was awesome to see.

    This year I have seen cow elk in the same area. As soon as you leave Springerville and are headed eastbound, you will climb a hill. On top of that hill, a ridgeline runs northwesterly; and have seen many elk within those trees there.

    Just take a look around in that area; elk can be anywhere. I have seen cow elk in the ravines that 'looked' like nothing would ever be there; and even in clear, flat ground; elk have been spotted there as well.

    Good luck and hunting, overall, it a great time!! Enjoy! Keep us posted!!
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    unit 2b

    Dont Know if its to late or not but I lived in springerville for six years and saw a lot of elk right around the state line
    and their sould be some state trust land around their. I also had a buddy guide a guy to a 415 bull up buy the Zuni reservation. in 2b
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    Thanks guys, I didn't go but my buddy did and he is still up there. Called him and passed on the info, he also said to tell ya thanks.