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  1. OK, I've messed around long enough. Someone has GOT to take me lion hunting! Very Happy

    Seriously, I'd like to learn all I can - how many of you hunt them? Hounds or calling? How many have you killed? Like the meat?

    Enquiring minds want to know!
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    Can you hunt cats in AZ with dogs?

    I have been following somewhat some bull going on in Oregon about the politics with cougars and hunting with dogs. The antis got in there and was able to get hunting cats with dogs stopped. Their are going after bear hunting next, not with dogs, just trying to get it stopped like they tried to in Maine 3 years ago.

    I've heard that it is an extremely difficult hunt without dogs. Is this true? Anyone relate from experience? I'd like to hear first hand.

  3. Tom - Yes, you can use hounds here. Lion tags are over the counter, and since "chance sightings" are reasonably common, a lot of guys always have a lion tag with them. Some folks have luck calling them in as well.

    The biggest surprise to me was the number of people who have told me just how good lion meat is. They say it is light, like pork - and is delicious!
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    Lion Tags

    [/color]I buy a loin tag every year. Never saw one yet and never really hunted yet. So that is some thing I will be persueing.
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    Geez! You make the meat sound really good.
    I read a lot of stories about chance sightings so I guess you are right that you should get a tag and carry it.
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    I posted a recipe over on the recipe page.

    We have called in a few over the years but it is tough work and a lot of scouting is required. Their range is so large that if you just pick a likely spot and start calling he may be miles away. If any of you have rancher friends that is a good place to start if they are losing livestock . If you find a fresh killed deer/cow/horse etc sit nearby and start calling he may come in, chances are he will. Just before sun up and near dark seem to work best for me. You may have to call for several hours but don't give up, stay quite and still and have a lot of patience. A cat depends on it's eyesight more so than a canine so being motion free is essential.
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    I'm told this is a picture of a G&F drinker, somewhere in the Kofa Mtns. Creed can clarify if I'm mistaken.

  8. Yes lion is very good meat, it's the other white meat and 1 billion chinese can't be wrong about eating cats. I have taken a couple on my uncle's ranch in Wy. In 2001 we cooked one up for thanksgiving. At first my relatives thought I was off my rocker and were hesitant to eat it, but after the first try of backstrap floured, salted & peppered fried in butter they came back for more.

    I have seen a few lions in Az, one walked into camp at 0dark30 while backpacking in Hellsgate Wilderness area and I saw a couple my first 2 years hunting javelina. Once I started buying a cat tag tho the sightings dropped. I saw one a couple years ago hunting elk but she had a kitten so I didn't tip her over. I have come to the conclusion that cat tags work wonderfully as a repellent. I have a friend that is pretty successful at calling them. He uses an electronic call with a lost calf bawl - that's beef calf. We keep talking about going out together but so far our schedules haven't matched.
  9. What are RECOMMENDED calibers for lions? I'm not trying to start a "bullet placement vs caliber" flame war, but if I'm calling coyotes with a .223, will I be "in the zone" if a lion shows up? Do I also need to carry a .30-06 just in case?
    I'm not a head-shots only shooter.
    Thanks for any constructive comments.
  10. The ones my cousin and I killed died real easy with a .220swift in the lungs and between the eyes.