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  1. As many of you know, I have a young GSP that I've trained (with plenty of outside help!) and an older GSP that I recently picked up. Both are great dogs, but need to get out more.
    I took the dogs out over the weekend to chase around a few quail, and quickly found that cholla and GSP's don't mix (especially when the owner forgets to bring pliers to pull said cholla :crutch: ) Now that my dogs' feet & ears look like swiss cheese (along with my fingers) I've come to the brilliant conclusion that I need to find an area to work the dogs without this nasty cactus. Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction? Shooting at birds (notice I didn't say shooting birds, I seemed cursed with these little devils) is fun, but watching the dogs do what they are born to do is really neat to me. Please forget to mention this last point as I've convinced my wife I hunt birds for food and it's a relatively economical activity. :lol:
    thanks in advance!
  2. Chief

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    To bad your so far away, we have some great quail areas down here. One solution is to board your dogs down here with me for Oct through Jan. :D

  3. :D :roflpmp:
  4. Come on guys....

    anyone? anyone? Bueller?
  5. I'm 30 miles closer then Chief.

    And as he stated there are plenty of birds down here, and not much in the way of cholla. but still a bit of a drive for you. Between the lot of us down here I'm sure we could point you in the right direction, and I bet if you twisted Chiefs arm a little he might show you personally. I would offer that wlso but I'm so over extended right now its not even funny any more.
  6. Whereabouts are you? I'd assumed Sierra Vista area, but don't know for sure. I don't mind driving a while - shoot, it may give me a chance to pitch a tent and camp again for an overnighter. Okay Chief - I'm twisting your arm now :D
    Check yer PM's. :tea:

    hey Couse84 - thanks!
  7. I'm in Benson.

    ONly thing about pitching a tent right now is all the deer seasons. But yes I know lots of areas where you would be able to pitch a tent. And as Chief is out of town celebrating for a while. Let me know when your thinking about and I will point you from there. I will either be at work or out helping on all the rifle hunts for the remaider of this months seasons.

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    There's also a chance that you might run into me in some of those areas that Shane might point you towards. If it's one of the areas I think it will be. The next week and a half. I'll be out there everyday possible. If you need any help? All you have to do is ask. No rifle deer for me this year. I'm waiting on Dec. bow season. Till then it's coyotes, and maybe a few birds.
  9. Thanks Cochise. I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it down there - probably not until early December. I'll be sure to give you a shout prior!
  10. Cochise is another part of " the lot of us" I was talking about. for some reason we have been hunting the same areas for the last hundred years or so and havent bumped into one another as of yet. Either way, let us know when your going to be able to make it down and maybe one or more of us can show up to give you a tour personally. LOL

    Cochise if your in tha same area where you chased that pig all over the country watch your back when calling. There are some large cat type tracks in that area. :D Not much else in the way of game. so make sure your set-ups area taking that into account.