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  1. Got a question for anyone that might be able to share an answer with me. I am planning on getting better (covid) by the first week in August and am going to do a little scouting for early OTC. Thought that I might try Unit 5B and camp at Long Lake. Been there once some time ago, pretty lake and it looks like it might hold fish. Hence the question, has anyone fished Long Lake or one of the nearby Soldier lakes? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Use to be full of huge catfish and some very large trout, but they had a total freeze one year clear to bottom x now I Believe you can still catch some decent trout in it, bluegill, maybe some cats. Have not been there for several years.lots if elk in area, a few deer.

  3. I'd like to know how you do Rich, hasn't been any stocking or fishing reports for the lakes in that area so I've been wondering whether they're worth the trip.
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    There used to be a lot of pike in there as well, not sure how it is now.
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  5. Not your lake but used to love eating Pike...bony, seemed not worth the effort, but delish! Hope you have some success.
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  6. A quick report from Long Swamp, I mean Long Lake. Seems like AZGFD do not like pike. They and the National Wildlife are in a 10 year game fish restoration project. Drain lake, twice, then stock with trout. Geese love the swamp though. Saw hundreds of them and other water fowl using it. Squirrels, deer and javelinas were also observed. Sorry no pics. Having difficulty getting pics from phone to computer. But yes it did happen.
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  7. Have not been there for awhile, Its it really swampy ? Use to be a very productive catfish and kokanee fishery before they poisoned it. LOL, G&F, leave the lakes alone,If you cant do it right, DONT do it.
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    Long Lake “used to be” an awesome Rainbow Trout fishery. As recent as 5 years ago, you could routinely catch 22”-26” holdovers right after the ice melt each Spring. Nothing is better than a big, feisty and pink meat Rainbow.