Looking for advice on raising children into hunters.

Discussion in 'Juniors Forum' started by TonyC, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Hi Tony. My advice to you is to take them with you to hunt, teach them how you started in that world, all you know about the animals you can hunt and those you can't. Watch TV shows with your girls about hunting and definitely they will love it!
  2. Tony, Good to hear you have not gone toes up or down, that depends. Take them fishing at one of the local urban ponds, Take them out to do some scouting for whatever, take them out to shoot a 22 at targets, ECT. You get the idea, just take them out.

  3. Welcome to AHT HunterSenior. Your in the right bunch, lots of seniors around this place.
  4. I didn’t read everyone’s comment (no time) but if I say the same thing, sorry. But you may find is one will like it and the other won’t care for hunting...I have 1 out of 3 that really likes it. Good luck and don’t get discouraged if they don’t like it. Make it your escape from them on the weekends lol
  5. I will also add....just because they may not like it today, they might tomorrow. I grew up in a house that roughing it was a Holiday Inn stay for the weekend....with a pool. Never would have thought that in my 50's I would love (started) hunting. Small wins...even if it is camping in the back yard--just get them out and about, away from the TV and Electronics.
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  6. Working with the dogs bird hunting was easier than big game for my kids. They enjoyed camping and getting out for big game but enjoyed bird hunting for the dog work and more shooting.
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