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  1. An Internet friend forwarded me these pictures of some lovers in Texas
    I just hope the last shot was with a shot gun
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    Those are pretty cool pictures, but man I hate snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There is nothing to justify my opinion or actions - except fear and the fact that I detest rattle snakes, but if'n I had ran upon those two pig-looking rattlers, I would have been compelled to shoot them.

    God, I hate snakes. Look at the size of those things! Yikes.
  4. Got to see this in person a couple on the ranch in Wy.
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    We got them all over the place. Had one coiled up near the kitty litter box out in the garage a few days ago. Told the wife she needed to clean out the damn kitty litter as it was stinking up "my" garage. I went with her just in case she didn't see it. Had one in the flower bed last year that she came across as she was weeding. We have found them not to be aggressive unless your aggressive towards them. In years past we just kinds ignored them, helped with the pack rat population. However now that the grandkids are running all over the place I been catching them and taking them further up the mountain.
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    Ever since I was just a little one. I've always loved those rattlers. I remember the first one that I caught. It was just a little one. I walked into the house and pulled it out of my front pocket. Then asked my mom what kind of snake it was. By her reaction. I was surprised that I didn't get bit. I more or less learned that it wasn't a good idea to walk around with a rattlesnake in your pocket. A person needs a 5 gal. bucket with a good lid. Especialy if you want to keep them in your bedroom. Let me tell ya. It's also not a good idea to take one to show and tell. I don't know why. But my second grade teacher didn't much care for it. After that for some reason the principle always wanted to see what I had to show first. Those city folks are kind of on the spooky side. Well I can't catch them anymore. Too old and, too slow. The last one almost got me.
  7. We will catch and relocate about 10-20 a day here at work. I think that the best place for a rattler is on a belt or hatband. Its kind of hard to just turn them back loose. But rules are rules. The other day the ranch boss lost one of his healers to a mojave. Was a good dog. And good thing the rules at work dont apply when I'm not at work LOL.. But I have found a neat magic trick when it comes to catching snakes. If you put a decent sized King snake in the box, and later add a rattler. Most of the time the rattler dissappears. LOL.. 2 snakes go into the box and only one comes out. Kind of a neat trick. Of course we turn the King snakes loose right behind the station. The Buzz worms we loose a little farther out. LOL
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    What ever happened to poor Hoss and Buck?