Lower Canyon Creek

Discussion in 'Outdoor Photography' started by Robert Gonzalez, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. My scouting trip turned into an impromptu fishing clinic, but awesome Daddy-Daughter time!
    Cancrk.jpg Does.jpg LCCCamp.jpg LCCfishing.jpg LCCrk1.jpg LCCpan.jpg
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    Very nice! Any fish caught?

  3. Unfortunately they didn't like what I had to offer, but saw many beautiful browns!
    More importantly, my daughter got a lot better at casting and controlling her rod and she pounded out over 8 miles in one day!
    By Sunday she was asking if she could try my fly rod!
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    Awesome, sounds like a great day out!
  5. Sounds like a GREAT trip.
  6. I love fishing that creek, what a great day with your daughter!
  7. I’ve never fished that creek. I see a new adventure in my future.
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