make sure to check arrows OUCH!!!

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  1. saw this pix on another site man this sucks poor guy. we had that happen at one of our 3-D shoots a guy had and arrow blow-up in his hand it was not a pretty sight to see but he is doing better. he didnt check his arrow after he missed the target.

  2. One of the points I make multiple times when I teach HE Combo classes. He didn't get hit too bad, have seen pics with shafts driven completely up the forarms and terrible tendon damage.

  3. Youch!!!!! I had one blow up after leaving the bow when I first started shooting. I didn't get hurt, but it dang near scared the pants right off me! :eek: Haven't not checked a missed arrow ever since. After seeing this, boy did I luck out!
  4. Working on a meat wagon, I have seen several of the worlds most intellectual folks at one time or another. I have been involved with 5 scenes to date similar to this. 3 of them were trying to shoot the Wally world wooden arrows out of compounds, with results similar to the pic posted. One of the other ones, was playing around with his release with an arrow knocked and ran a broad head through his left thigh and into his left calf. and the last one had a carbon blow up on him.

    I have also seen the aftermath of a couple of "didnt see you behind the tree" shots or " it ricocheted" shots. Its amazing that folks think these projectiles will only do damage to animals. Complately oblivious to the fact that flesh and bone are flesh and bone no matter what kind of creature it is. Or those who do not understand the limits of their equipment. One fellow flung an arrow at a javalina with his partner about 20 yards on the opposite side. He "didnt think the arrow had the energy to go that far." , Well it blew through the javy and stuck in his partners shoulder, after the ricochet off the ground. HMMM. his partner almost bled out. If they had not been real close to town he probably would not have made it.

    CHeck them every time. I check all of my shafts about once a week anyway, and anything that misses, sounds like it hit another arrow, or just did not sound right hitting the target gets checked on the spot. I will stop a practice sesson in mid quiver for any of the above. I know one of the hand surgeons in Tucson, and know what all happens after the shot. I dont want to give up my archery career just yet.

    Slim if you need some more stories let me know. I can water them down enough that the folks involved will not be identifiable. But then again I would bet not many of these folks know much about your course.

  5. Thanks for the offer Shane. May hit you up some time, for now I have a couple I use.